Welcome! That's us on the picture :) We look forward to welcoming you to our coffee shop. We try to serve the best coffee and to cook the best produce we find, to minimise our carbon footprint, and to be the best hospitality professionals we can!

"...two Frenchies started out an Australian-style café in Dijon. "


This could be the beginning of a joke. Well, we hope it is the beginning of a funny story, because we like a good laugh.

But first and foremost, we'd like it to be the beginning of an appetising, joyful and enriching experience.

And we'd like you to be part of it, too.


The whole thing started by the lake - Geneva Lake. More precisely in Thonon-les-Bains, on the French side. That's where we met. That's also where we both studied hospitality, cuisine and food service in the International Hospitality School "Savoie-Léman". We got to learn not only the professional skills specific to our industry, but also the values that are still ours today and on which our concept is based.


Then we travelled to Australia. Yeah, why not? There we found out about specialty coffee, and fell in love with the very unique atmosphere of Australian coffee shops (Melbourne ❤︎). The initial taste and interest for coffee soon turned into an authentic passion for the matter, and the passion into an entrepreneurship project.


Our love and enthusiasm for the good things in life made us open the MORNING GLORY CAFE. We aimed to create a cosy place, casual and friendly, where people would feel comfortable and comforted, while enjoying high-quality coffee and hearty produce.


Good food isn't just something we say; it's a real commitment. We grew an authentic passion for tasty things and beautiful produce. The origin and the quality of what we serve is of great important to us. We selected all our suppliers for their savoir-faire, their excellence and their very unique character. Everything on the menu is homemade, from fresh and seasonal ingredients : these are the tastiest ones. As the French saying goes: "You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs". That's a matter of fact. But allow us to go one further: "You can't make a good omelet without breaking good eggs".


Fruits, légumes, produits laitiers, épicerie, charcuterie... nous favorisons les circuits courts et les produits de saison afin de garantir la qualité et le goût des aliments.


 Our project also falls within a sustainable, local and eco-friendly approach. In our opinion, it's only common sense, and the best way to respect not only our environment, but also our clients and our partners. No one can ignore the present and future environmental challenges that our society is facing. As professionals, we believe we must set a good example, and develop good practice. In concrete terms, and on a daily basis, we will do our best to:


  • SEPARATE and RECYCLE waste, COMPOST organic waste
  • Efficiently manage our inventory to minimize FOOD WASTE
  • SAVE ENERGY (thanks to simple actions and low-energy equipment where possible)
  • Use eco-friendly CLEANING PRODUCTS
  • RAISE AWARENESS among our clients about products origin and seasonality
  • ENCOURAGE reuse vs single use, especially thanks to reusable cups for take-away drinks
  • Give priority to SHORT DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS, LOCAL producers, ORGANIC and SUSTAINABLE farming
  • Prefer ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE suppliers, and MADE IN FRANCE products where possible


Last but not least, we wanted to create a very welcoming space, both cosy and convivial, with a urban, luminous design. A place where you feel comfortable, and where you enjoy tasty things every time you come. Nothing less! We look forward to meeting you, and to sharing our passion with you.


We hope to see you soon!




Augustin & Félicie